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Silicon Moulding
Instead of using metal moulds for prototype production of plastic based parts, by only using a master model, silicon moulding technology can be used as much faster and much more economic in order to produce models with same physical and chemical properties. The prototype which is produced by 3D printing technology can be used as master model of silicon moulding and several protoypes with its own material can produced very fastly. Since, silicon moulds are not resistant to high temprature and pressure only plastic derivated materials and wax type of material (for investment casting) can be used. With silicon moulding method, very complex geometries and parts with alternate angles can be produced precisely and fastly. Due to large material selection options, silicon moulding is a prefered method for the production of the prototypes to be used during presentations and exhibitions.
Other main material that can be used in silicon moulding is wax. Melted solid wax under high temprature is poured in to silicon mould with its own weight under a vacumed chamber. Models produced that way are the key parts needed in investment casting tevhnology. After starting the procedure, depend on the part size, first samples can came out from silicon moulding in 3 to 7 days. Depend on the part geometry and material properties, one silicon mould can produce up to 30 - 50 pcs protoypes. During the silicon moulding procedure, first prototype group out of silicon moulding can be shipped to client and client's non-stop study over the product can be provided while the silicon moulding procedure is kept running.
With silicon moulding, followings can be done:
  • For needed higher prototype quantities, by using one master model (out of 3D printing), 30 to 50 prototypes can be produced in a few days
  • With silicon moulding, prototypes with original material can be produced. In other words, prototypes with same chemical physical properties can be build up and can be used as original part.
  • There is no need for extra painting procedure due to the used color pigments in moulding.
  • High precision and excellent visiuality is obtained out of silicon moulding